Stay Connected:

You do have a plan for exploiting the social media opportunities of the biggest event of the year, don’t you?

Whether you’re exhibiting or just visiting, with just over a couple of weeks to go until the nine-day Motorcycle Live show opens at the NEC on 18th November, now’s the time to be ramping up your pre-event social media activity and making sure you have a workable plan and clear objectives in place.

35 manufacturers and 178 other exhibitors are listed on the Motorcycle Live website, each one with its own promotional profile page that can feature website and social links (though only to Facebook and Twitter), company description and some photos.

92 businesses (43%) don’t link to a Twitter account, of which 11 are manufacturers (31%)

54 businesses (25%) don’t link to any social media accounts at all, of which 3 are manufacturers (1%)

Of the businesses that do link to a Twitter account, 13 had broken links (11% of those linking to Twitter) at the time of writing (fixed by Motorcycle Live on 31st October)

Anecdotally, there’s close correlation between businesses not linking to social media channels and not bothering to put much/anything on their show profile pages. Some of the businesses that aren’t linking to Twitter and/or Facebook do actually have active accounts on both networks.

As a sanity check of your existing plan, or a starting point if you haven’t made one yet, here are some questions you need to be able to answer (all equally applicable to any show):

– What are our objectives for social media during the show and how do they support our broader commercial goals/priorities?

– What are we doing to promote our presence at the show?

– Are we adding the #MotorcycleLive hashtag to our show-related social media posts and mentioning @motorcyclelive when appropriate?

– How are we incentivising stand visitation via social media?

– How actively are we sharing social media posts from the show organisers (and others)?

– What’s the competition doing? How will we monitor and respond to their social media activity?

– How will we use the show to create original promotional content for use on social media?

– What will the content mix be? (photos, video, product vs people focus, etc.)

– How might we collaborate on content production and social media activity with our (non-competing) neighbours and other exhibitors at the show?

– Who will create the content and post it (before, during, after the show)?

– Do we have the necessary tech/tools/know-how to do all this (and the time during the show itself)? If not, how do we resource it?

– What brand devices will social media content need to use for consistency?

– How will activity across multiple social media channels be coordinated?

– How will we measure the impact/results of social media marketing before, during, after the show?

The Full Chat Agency will be at the NEC throughout Motorcycle Live and can help you manage your social media opportunities. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss how we might work together.